Coolwaters Productions LLC. Certificate of Authenticity

(Commonly known as “COAs”)

Our president, Mr. Derek Maki, has always stated that COAs are not worth the paper they are printed on, partly due to the fact that unscrupulous people fake the signatures & the COAs.

Unless you witness a signing yourself how do you really know its real?

  • The only way to know is to do your research and buy from a reputable company, like ours!

Coolwaters actually manages and represents our celebrity talent so our COAs are directly from the source and backed by our unprecedented 25-year history and reputation!

Specific things you should now about our COAs:

  • We are not a 3rd party authenticator.
  • COAs purchased on site at conventions are done at the signing table! A fan does not walk away from the table to go have a COA added by a vendor on the show floor.
  • We provide COAs ONLY for our clients or actors we have contracts with.
  • Our COAs are not “opinion” based certifications. They are witnessed in person at the time of the signing.
  • Detailed description of item(s) are provided in our database. When you enter a serial number, you will know that it is not just an “8x10”, but we will list the movie and or character of that 8x10 (or movie poster or toy – etc.)
  • Our COAs are actor/client certified, our actors know and support the fact that we offer COAs for their signatures.
  • All signatures are personally witnessed directly by our president or a company employee ONLY (no other “witnesses” or event volunteers are allowed to handle or sell our COAs).
  • Items are authenticated at the time of the signing not after an event takes place.
  • Our authentic COAs are holographic tamper proof stickers, each with an exclusive serial number recorded for that specific signature & item.
  • In addition to our COA sticker most privately signed items, owned by a fan, will come with photographic proof of the celebrity signing the item! We also keep general photographic proof of event and/or private signings on file in our archives (backed up on 3 hard drives).
  • Our COAs are limited exclusively to ONLY our clients that we officially represent or talent we have contracts with. We will NEVER certify talent we do not represent, EVER!
  • The sticker must be affixed to the item that was signed (front or back for photos and posters. Side(s) of toys and Pop figures) for it to be valid. Stickers are applied only by our staff members and NOT by anyone else, EVER!

Key things to note about our services:

  • Our recorded database archives contain:
    • The celebrity's name, full description of item that was signed, event and city location and date signed.
  • COAs are a great way to prove to your insurance company that your item is real. COAs help get your claims paid because you have proof of what was signed! YES, all collectors should insure their collections!
  • Our COAs are exclusive and not co-branded with other companies!
  • Our COAs verify only the name of a celebrity who signed the item in our presence we will not certify cast pieces signed at a previous date.
  • YES, serial numbers can have name(s) added to them once they are recorded and the new signature is added to our database. This eliminates the need for more than one sticker to be placed on an item. Note: ONLY provided specifically for our talent.
  • Our database is secure and hard copies of our tracking sheets are kept on file to avoid data breaches and unauthorized updates to our system. Our database is created and maintained “in house” by our staff.

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