Don Stark

Don Stark’s successful career spans almost four decades! He is probably most recognized for the extraordinary eight-year run as “Bob Pinciotti” on the hit television series That 70s Show. Stark recently played the role of “Dix”, the rough around the edges storekeeper, in the much anticipated Bruckheimer/Disney sci-fi blockbuster John Carter (due for release in 2012). Stark starred in the sci-fi series Timecop (based on the film by the same name) portraying the gritty “Eugene Matuzek” (head of the Time Enforcement Commission).


Don has been a series regular on five different television series and has an impressive list of guest star roles including; Law and Order Los Angeles, CSI, Stargate-SG1, Corey in the House, Icarly and Deep Space 9, among others. He moves effortlessly from the small screen to the big screen appearing in several major motion pictures. Sci-fi fans will recognize him as “Nicky the Nose in Star Trek-First Contact.  From Heavens Prisoners (with Alec Baldwin) and (with Andy Garcia)! Independent gems include Things to do in Denver when your Dead, My name is Jerry (in which he co-starred with Coolwaters’ client Doug Jones) and the recent Disney web series Corey and Lucas for the “Win”.


Don works non-stop!! He loves what he does and audiences seem to feel the same way.


Check out this blog post about Don's visit to the New York Film Academy!








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