Dustin Ceithamer

Dustin Ceithamer
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Dustin Ceithamer is a 6’8” Southern California native who has been performing around the world on stage and screen since he was 10 years old. Most notably he is known for being a part of the STAR WARS family where he was able to bring the role of the endearing and brave droid N.E.D. to life in the highly anticipated OBI-WAN KENOBI series on Disney+.

His imposing height and training as a professional dancer helped him land the villainous role of THE SMILE MAN in the MARVEL film X-MEN: THE NEW MUTANTS where he had the pleasure of terrorizing cinema sensation Anya Taylor Joy! He then went on to terrorize a whole town in the MGM horror film DARK HARVEST where he had played the iconic role of the terrifying SAWTOOTH JACK!!

Coming in 2023 Dustin is playing a GREAT unannounced role in Zach Snyder’s newest EPIC film REBEL MOON premiering on Netflix. He is also currently workshopping movement for HBO’s series THE LAST OF US based off the world wide praised video game. He’s choreographed for THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, danced on GENERAL HOSPITAL, and was a featured performer on GLEE.

When not terrorizing or beguiling people on film Dustin enjoys composing and exploring his theatrical roots on stage. He’s composed and artistically produced 6 full length musicals including Off Broadway’s REVELATION: THE MUSICAL (co pro. Melissa Mollner). Dustin trained as a scholarship dancer at Broadway Dance Center and completed the Chekhov Actors Training Program, both in NYC. He is a proud uncle, grateful son, and is blown away by the supportive and wonderful friends in his life.