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MARK YOUR ITEM! Any item(s) not marked will NOT be returned to you. Please place your FULL NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE and order number on your item. We suggest using blue painters tape on the back of your item.

Coolwaters is pleased to announce a SEND-IN opportunity with COREY DEE WILLIAMS! The SEND-IN will be filled during his appearance at the FANBOY EXPO, FL. IN SEPTEMBER.

All PRE-ORDER autographs include a Beckett Certificate of Authenticity. A Beckett serial number sticker will be placed on your item and will come with a card containing the serial number that you can trace on the Beckett website (it typically takes 15 days to show in their data base).

*AND in most cases a photographic image of the celebrity signing your autograph!
*Pending availability and actor approval of the image. Images are provided via a 4x6 color print out.

WANT YOUR AUTOGRAPH PERSONALIZED AT NO EXTRA CHARGE? We can provide that! He will also add his character name after his signature.
Please note we do not guarantee the character name BUT we will 100% request him to do it.

What do you need to INCLUDE during check out here in our store?
1 - Your first name in "CAPS" if you want the autograph personalized.
2 - Pen color stated, choose from sharpies BLUE, BLACK, SILVER, GOLD. We also offer DECO paint pens GOLD, BLUE, SILVER & YELLOW but please note these take longer to dry and should we not have the ability to have him use a DECO a sharpie will be used.
3- State where you want your Beckett sticker (front or back).

Ordering this service through our store will serve as your agreement/contract with us (read below):


1) I will not hold Coolwaters Productions LLC, it's owners or the signing celebrity responsible for any loss or damage to an item I send in to be signed. Damage can occur during shipping and or during the handling of items during the signing or in the process of re-packaging the item(s) to be sent back. I understand that fragile or old item(s) that already show great wear & tear may be damaged more and is solely at my risk that these items are being sent in to be signed.

2) I will pay for, in full, all items being signed at the rates listed herein. I understand that absolutely NO refunds will be granted, unless the signing is canceled. In such an event my signature fees will be returned BUT I will be responsible for all shipping charges to have my items returned.

3) I understand that if my item(s) do not reach the offices of Coolwaters by AUGUST 15, 2022 that my items will NOT be signed and they will be returned unsigned. I will be responsible for all shipping charges to have item(s) returned to me. Refunds are not provided.

4) I understand that Coolwaters Productions LLC may not be providing a photo of my exact item being signed, however I will be provided with a printed photo from the signing itself. I also understand that Coolwaters will affix to my item a Beckett Authentication Services serial number to help ensure the authenticity of the signature in the future. The sticker will MATCH a Certificate of Authenticity containing a matching serial number. Both the C.O.A. and the photo will be returned WITH my signed item(s).
* I understand that the COA and sticker are required. This protects Coolwaters, the celebrity and the customer. Coolwaters requires it partly due to California laws regarding autographs. A sticker will be placed ON MY ITEM. Please indicate where on the item you prefer it to be and we will do our best to accommodate the request.

5) I understand that if a SPELLING ERROR of any personalization occurs that I will not hold Coolwaters Productions LLC or the signing celebrity liable for the mistake.

6) I understand that I am responsible for ALL shipping charges to have the item(s) returned to me after the have been signed. I am also responsible for any and all taxes or duties that my country may impose upon the return of the item(s).

7) I understand that the signing celebrity will NOT write dedications to my last name, only to a first name.

8) I understand that the signing celebrity will be asked to sign a character name (after the signature) on all item(s), BUT is NOT be required to, it will be at the celebrity's discretion only.

9) I understand that ALL my items will be clearly marked for identification purposes. If I do not mark my items (I.E. via a sticker with my name on the back of the item) I grant Coolwaters the right to mark the items in any way they see fit to properly identify my item. I WILL NOT USE A POST-IT NOTE TO MARK MY ITEM(S) AS I KNOW THAT THEY WILL FALL OFF. I WILL MARK MY ITEM(s) IN A FORM THAT WILL NOT FALL OFF OR BE REMOVED WITH EASE.

10) I understand that I can REQUEST a pen color for my signature, but understand that the color choice can not be guaranteed. I understand that Coolwaters will do its best to have the signature signed in a specific spot on my item BUT again understand that placement is not guaranteed. To help with these REQUESTS I will place a post-it note on the item's front side NEAR where I want the signature signed and specify the pen color on the post-it note. Pen colors are limited to ONLY sharpie markers of BLUE, BLACK and SILVER. Deco Paint pens are gold, silver or light blue.

11) I understand that send-ins are not an exact science. I understand that the celebrity who is signing my item could make a mistake. A mistake could include a smudge of the signature on my item(s) based on the fact that the celebrity's hand brushes up against the ink before it dries, or that a crease in a poster may occur from the normal handling of an item sent in. I understand that these (and other) human errors may not be avoidable and that I will not hold Coolwaters or the celebrity liable for these mistakes.

12) The celebrity and Coolwaters Productions LLC are released of all liability, all items being sent it are at your own risk.

13) POP TOYS must be removed from their boxes and shipped to us FLAT. Failure to do this may cause your item not to be signed OR we may remove the toy from the box ourselves.

14) Coolwaters will not longer accept home-made printed photos. These are photos printed one a home computer using INK JET technology. Sharpie markers do NOT stay on these prints and can be removed or smudged too easily.

ALL pre-orders are shipped AFTER the date of the event, please do not contact us looking for your item BEFORE the event date. There are delays with USPS so please note THIS ITEM COULD TAKE UP TO 30-DAYS (or more) TO ARRIVE! BE PATIENT! THANKS!

** Any international orders are shipped with full retail value stated on customs form so note that you may be required to pay any duty or taxes your country requires.

4400 West Riverside Drive #110-531
Burbank CA 91505-4046

MARK YOUR ITEM! Any item(s) not marked will NOT be returned to you. Please place your FULL NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE and order number on your item. We suggest using blue painters tape on the back of your item.

NOTE - All pre-orders are non-refundable UNLESS the celebrity cancels their appearance. You will not hold Coolwaters nor the celebrity responsible for misspelled names and please note that SOME minor wear and tear may occur from the handling of the photos during the signing.

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