Jack Klaff


In 1999, Jack Klaff began work as a writer and storyteller in a scientific lab; this was especially meaningful to Jack because his first television job had been in ‘Space 1999;’ now, in 1999, he was aProfessor for the Public Understanding of Science and Technology, for real. Jack’s early work often involved science and space fiction; indeed, his first movie rôle was in 'Star Wars'. Other early jobs included a television episode of 'The Sweeney' whichalso featured the great British comedians Morecambe and Wise. And Jack’s London stage debut, a satirical show about sex, led bizarrely to long seasons at the Royal Shakespeare Company.


When people ask Jack what makes him ‘tick’, he’s fond of talking about his father who ran a watch-making business in Johannesburg. Indeed, in the early 1960’s, Jack’s Dad fixed Nelson Mandela’s watch, the watch on which Mandela counted out the minutes, hours, days and years of hissentence. In Jack’s work he anecdotes and metaphors; Klaff read Law and Economics before seeking a different kind of justice through storytelling.


Among Jack’s films may be counted: 'Star Wars', 'For Your Eyes Only', ' The Threat (Hotet)', 'Dogma Hearing', 'Anxious' and and ‘A Short Film About Slipping’ , 'Pasternak', '1871', 'Ten Pence', ‘Storage’ and 'King David'.Jack has over 200 television credits including leading roles in 'Vanity Fair'(BBC), 'Sherlock Holmes', ‘Poirot’, ‘Circle of Deceit’, ‘Red Dwarf’, ‘Freddie and Max’ – in which he played Ann Bancroft’s third husband, ‘Final Warning’ with Jason Robards and Jon Voight, ‘The Murderers Among Us’ with Ben Kingsley, 'Ruth Rendell's Road Rage', ' Midsomer Murders', 'Cadfael', 'Ivanhoe', 'Class Act', 'A Case of Coincidence', ‘Wall of Silence', 'Sherlock Holmes', 'Making  News', 'Teabag', ‘Boon', 'Reilly, Ace of Spies’, ‘Six Sides of Coogan’, 'Last Duel', ‘Where’s the Fish That Never Swam’, ‘Blood and Fire’,‘Grushko’, ‘Death is Part of the Process’,  and his own plays, ‘Nagging Doubt’, ‘The Fifty Minute Hour’, ‘Maybe Baby’ and ‘Readers’ Digest’.


His theatrical rôles in the West End, at the Royal Shakespeare Company and in major theatres around the world have included Foppington, Trigorin, Atahuallpa, Gulliver, di Maggio, Macbeth, Iago, Theseus/Oberon, Claudius, Belch, Robert, the Blind Man in Bill Gaskill’s acclaimed production of 'Carver', Cardinal in 'Representative', Bohr in 'Copenhagen', Vlad the Impaler, Dracula, Kreon, Svengali, Michael Mansfield QC,  Hackenschmidt in ‘Secret Heart’, Priestley  in ‘Oxygen’, Gayev in ‘Cherry Orchard’, Charles Divkens, Lord Foppington,  Walter Raleigh, Theridamus in ‘Tamburlaine’, Stefan in ‘Point Vallaine’,  Atahuallpa,  Nat in ‘I’m Not Rappaport’, Lancelot, Hew and the Beast in ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Asher in ‘The Messiah’, Tami in ‘Detective Story’, Ambrose in ‘Matchmaker’, Gower in ‘Sons of Light’,  Charles the Wrestler and the Duke of Clarence.








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