Michael Krawic

MICHAEL KRAWIC has been a professional actor since 1982. Graduating w an MFA in acting from Chicago’s prestigious Goodman School of Drama/ DePaul University ( now renamed: The Theatre School), Michael has performed in over 75 stage plays and over 50 film and television shows including THE X FILES MOVIE, John Carpenters: GHOSTS OF MARS, BLOODSPORT 4, LOVE IS THE DRUG, STAR TREK: Deep Space 9, STAR TREK: Voyager, STAR TREK: Enterprise, C.S.I., ANGEL, and most recently the new series on Showtime: SHAMELESS.


Michael also appeared-as the voice of "Uncle Henry " in the 2014 animated Feature: LEGENDS OF OZ:Dorothy's Return(in 3-D) –the official sequel to the beloved Wizard of OZ by Summertime productions and Fox.

Starring: Lea Michele, Dan Ackroyd, Martin Short, Bernadette Peters and Patrick Stewart among others.


Michael most recently Co-Starred in Paramount Studios: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: The Ghost Dimension as "Father Gary Todd" ---the final chapter in the hugely successful franchise.

You can see the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9Jy2T0uQ9Y


Also look for Michaels appearance in two films in 2016: The Last Tour and Lookin up--starring Steve Guttenberg.


Michael is in preproduction for a new sci fi series to be called: Children of the Machine to be set in the year 2035.








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