Warwick Davis

As one of the fortunate little people who was hired to portray an Ewok in George Lucas' "Return of the Jedi", Warwick Davis began his remarkable career at the young age of 11. It was truly a lucky break for Warwick, having responded to a radio advertisement soliciting undersized actors to audition for the film. Warwick was chosen partly due to his diminutive stature, and he quickly caught the attention of director Richard Marquand with his childish innocence and abundant fascination. The intense interest he displayed towards everything on the set was especially focused on the R2-D2 robot. Warwick was amazed with the workings of the droid and was always found investigating and examining it closely. Marquand transformed Warwick's childhood curiosity into one of Jedi's most memorable scenes: the little Ewok Wicket, on tiptoe, cautiously peering into the eye of R2D2 amid the trees of the Endor forest. Warwick Davis' role as Wicket was reprised with two more Ewok movies, "The Caravan of Courage an Ewok Adventure" and "The Battle for Endor". Warwick continued his rapport with Lucasfilm when he was invited by producer George Lucas and director Ron Howard to take the title role in the fantasy theme film "Willow". As the character Willow, Warwick proved that even the tinniest of people could be the biggest of heroes when he fulfills he destiny protecting the baby princess and delivering her to safety. Warwick's acting career took a very different turn, however, when he donned the horrifying make-up and green suit, replete with stripped tights and buckled shoes, that comprise his frightening costume in the movie, "Leprechaun". The horror film became so popular with younger audiences and teens that it spawned 5 all having Warwick Davis in the starring role. His relationship with Lucasfilm was sparked again as he returned to the set of the box office smash film, "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace". Warwick managed four roles in Lucas' long awaited prequel, including Wald, the alien friend of Anakin Skywalker's, and Weasel, the unsavory scoundrel friend of Anakin's master Watto that cheers for the villainous Sebulba during the heart pounding podracing sequence. Warwick Davis has thrilled fans of science fiction and fantasy films for the past 20 years, and his career continues today with his role in Warner Bros. motion pictures HARRY POTTER. He will be co-starring as Professor Flitwick, the warlock of levitation, in the film adaptation of the best-selling series of novels by author J.K. Rowling.  AND for all you LEP fans check out on DVD "Back to tha Hood" (a.k.a Leprechaun 6).  ALSO on DVD see Warwick in a very serious role in the Academy Award winning film RAY available on DVD now!!







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