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Autograph FAQ

Autograph FAQ

Autograph collecting is a tough hobby, making sure things are real being the biggest issue. Coolwaters makes your autograph collecting easy, but here are some things you should know and be well aware of!

1) I will not hold Coolwaters Productions LLC, it's owners or clients responsible for any loss or damage to an item that is hand signed or an item that I send in to be signed (when applicable). Damage can occur during shipping and or during the handling of items during the signing or in the process of re-packaging the item(s) to be sent back. Minor wear and tear will appear on ANY item being signed as these signed items are handled directly by the clients and our staff! If you sent something in to be signed (when approved) you understand that fragile or old item(s) that already show great wear & tear may be damaged more and is solely at your risk that these items are being sent in to be signed.

2) NO refunds will be granted, unless a signing is canceled.

3) You understand that Coolwaters Productions LLC may not be providing a photo of my exact item being signed, however I will be provided with a printed glossy photo from the signing itself. This is due to the fact that some clients don't allow us to take numerous photos during a signing event and or when we do take photos from time to time items are spread out in front of a celebrity and we try our best to show as many items as possible. Celebrities do NOT spend their days signing stuff, rather they work on new films for your to enjoy and they spend time with their families, so little tings like signings and how we provide proof is minimal. I also understand that Coolwaters will affix to all items a holographic serial number to help ensure the authenticity of the signature in the future. The sticker will MATCH a Certificate of Authenticity containing a matching hologram serial number. Both the C.O.A. and the photo will be returned WITH my signed item(s).

4) You understand that if a SPELLING ERROR of any personalization occurs that you will not hold Coolwaters Productions LLC or the client(s) liable for the mistake.

5) You understand that you are responsible for ALL shipping charges to have the items returned to you after the have been signed. You are also responsible for any and all taxes or duties that my country may impose upon the return of the item(s).

6) You understand that the request for pen color and or number requests (on limited editions) can not be granted. We do our best to have our clients signed things in the proper pen color that will accommodate and look nice based on the items colors, background etc. Pen colors we use are typically BLUE, BLACK, GOLD and SILVER. Coolwaters does not offer any other colors.

7) You must understand that signings are not an exact science. You must understand that the celebrity who is signing my item could make a mistake. A mistake could include a smudge of the signature on my item(s) based on the fact that the celebrity's hand brushes up against the ink before it dries, or that a crease in a poster may occur from the normal handling of an item sent in. You understand that these human errors may not be avoidable and that I will not hold Coolwaters or the celebrity liable for these mistakes.

8) The celebrity and Coolwaters Productions LLC are released of all liability, all items being sent it are at your own risk.

Thanks for your support of our clients!

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